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This is Fear Zero's first CD containing the top 40 Canadian hits "Satellite" and "Sunday Morning"


released January 1, 2004

Produced and written by Ed Sadler.


all rights reserved



Fear Zero Vancouver

Fear Zero is a 4 piece rock band from North Vancouver, BC. They have released 4 CDs independently, toured across Canada and back several times, opened for acts ranging from Tom Cochrane to Nazareth and have had several songs chart in the top 50 on Canadian rock radio. Fear Zero has sold over 5,000 CDs, and 10,000 downloads. The 5th CD from the band will be released in spring 2012. ... more

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Track Name: Satellite
Sometimes the best trip in life
Is when you’re falling apart
Sometimes it’s hard to tell

I’ve stood right there on that ledge
Right where you’re standing now
I do remember well

And this is how I feel
And this is how I felt that night

Come with me it’ll be alright
We’ll be free
Like a satellite
‘Cause the world is turning dark and cold
We gotta let it go

So much for taking the time
To make it perfect my friends
Why hide behind your doubts

This life is just too damn short
To worry what people think
You gotta shut them out


Moments are bleeding
Taking a lifetime drop by drop
I hope that it’s leading
Back to another place
Back to a better place

Now that it’s quiet and dark
Let’s just reflect on this life
Over a drink or two

There are some memories of hate
Maybe some memories of love
Some memories of you


Up there in the sky Like a satellite
Don’t care if I die I’m flying Like a satellite
Up there in the sky Like a satellite
Flying flying
Track Name: Drown Myself
Drown Myself
I’m like a gun when I’m loaded
She says it makes her hold her breath
I’m like a gun when I’m loaded
She says it’s scaring her to death
She picked me up off the sidewalk when no one else could give a f*ck
Out of my head on the sidewalk a drunken man with Murphy’s luck
But what the hell am I supposed to do when nobody’s around
and I’m feeling sorry for myself
Yeah what the hell am I supposed to do
I just drown myself when you’re not around
I just drown myself then watch it all come down
She’s like a dream when she’s sober
I try to keep her just like this
She’s like a dream when she’s sober
This is the part of her I miss
She has become my apprentice and now she’s tangled up in this
Another night courting trouble so full of spit and whisky piss
She tells me that she’ll quit as she takes another sip
and puts the cherry from the drink in her mouth
She says what am I supposed to do
Track Name: Star Trippin'
Play by play
Nowhere to turn today
Worn out truth
Her lies are hard to prove
Crazy much to young
Barely 21 in LA
Sleeping with the stars
Cocaine candy bars, overpaid
You won’t have anyone when you come
Back down to earth
Star tripper
See the eyes
Drag slowly scrape young thighs
Price is paid
The youth is stripped away
Screaming quietly in her mind
Empty headed lay
Stripper sex icon and success are one
Shot away
Your star it is hard to find
You are running out of time
So past your prime
You say body over mind
Like it’s all some grand design
You curse ‘cause it won’t shine down
Star won’t shine
Star won’t shine
You’ll meet reality
You’ll meet it
On a cold and rainy night inside your head
When your star won’t shine
Track Name: Sunday Morning
Sunday morning
I don’t wanna remember
but how can I forget the way you always kept me under your thumb
I know I’ll never miss you
Going it alone no sense of being so dissed owned or rented oh no
And I say hey ya given up on forgiving
I got something to say to you
Moving right along I sing a new song bout how life’s sweet now
I find living is easy
Standing in the shade and there’ll be no rain on my parade route
And now it’s Sunday morning
I’m breaking up with you
I’m gone no long goodbye
I gave you so much warning
The hell you put me through
Your friends and then your lies
Red spray paint on the walls to remind you
That should help you remember
Why it was wrong to deny me
of my inner sense
I know I’ll never miss you
Going it alone no sense of being so dissed owned or rented oh no
Oh, Leave it alone, Leave it alone, Leave it alone
I keep telling myself I gotta
Leave it alone, Leave it alone, Leave it alone
Track Name: Learn To Love
Learn to Love
Sara grew up hard
Right through
After momma died
At the age of 32
Daddy would come home drunk
From downtown
Sara would hide underneath her bed
In her nightgown
Hiding ‘cause she knows his rage
She’d just close her eyes
But he’d find her anyway
No matter how far Sara runs
The memories still make her come undone
She tells me that she’s never loved
She drinks to kill the pain
And how man after man
It all ends up the same
You learned how to hate
You learned how to escape
You’re tough enough, baby
You can learn to love
How would you feel if you could retrace
The life that you have lived, would you replace
Try and put yourself in Sara’s shoes
Maybe you would change your views
Sara used to pray to God
Before she lost her way
She says it’s hard to carry on
So she takes it day by day
Track Name: Won't Hurt
Won’t Hurt
Yeah I could be myself but I’d get bored
But when I make shit up I get laid more
They fall for this on the first date
And by the time they find out it's too late
Come off, hope it comes off
I don’t need you finding out
Come off, hope it comes off
Before I drown myself
Thinking up a lie to cover me
You don’t know me
Another lie to carry me
Keeps you happy
I keep it covert cause what you don’t know won’t hurt
If I could only stay one step ahead
But you remember every word I’ve said
So double-check the facts that I invent
Every word of every lie I meant
Come off, hope it comes off
I don’t need you finding out
Come off, hope it comes off
And now I’m by myself
Track Name: I'm Alright
I’m Alright
Just say you like it
You like it alot
Don’t say nothing else
The stories are disturbing
And painful so read it
Don’t say nothing else
So you say nothing else
But you’re thinking to yourself
Your just glad that it wasn’t you
In the close-up
Your glad it wasn’t true
When you call home
Hey there Mom, yes I’m alright
But city life is grey
I miss my bed, I miss my life
And summer holiday
Hey there Mom, yes I’m alright
But city life is grey
And I can’t run away anymore
Just cry for the camera
You’re gonna be famous
So do nothing else
It’s all good for the ratings
For the ratings
For the ratings it’s good
Don’t do nothing else
So you do nothing else
But you’re thinking to yourself
And you just wish that it wasn’t you
When you wake up
You wish it wasn’t true
When you call home
That won’t happen to me
It’ll be alright
You tell yourself
If it makes you feel better
Then tell yourself
Track Name: Seven Sunny Days
Seven Sunny Days
Seven sunny days
Nothing now but rain
It’s hard to get out of bed
The way that I’m feeling here today
The weatherman’s a fake
Suit and tie snowflake
It’s hard to get out of bed
The way that I’m feeling here today
Oh I haven’t been the same
Oh since last Saturday
I been looking out my window
Looking at the rain
Another sunny day
Trapped inside of me again
Seven sunny days
Lost without a trace
Where did they ever go
Maybe we’ll never know for sure
Sky has got to break
Sunshine’s on the make
Where did it ever go
Maybe we’ll never know for sure
And right now looking outside my door
Oh looks like it’s gonna pour
Seven sunny days
How I miss them
Lying in the shade, yeah
Seven sunny days
Track Name: Never Felt Better
Never Felt Better (Never Had Less)
It’s time to get up
I’m lying in my bed
And what were the first thoughts through my head
Can I make the rent
Can I make the grade
Can I get my ass outta bed, I delay
Outside it’s sunny, I’ll take my time
No point in running, there’s no finish line
I tell you something, tell you
All I want is everything in the world
But I never felt better, never had less
Than anything I really needed
Never felt better, never had less
Than what I really need
My soul won’t bleed
Just got home from work
And crawled into my bed
And what were the last thoughts through my head
It’s not worth the scars
It’s not worth the stress
I’d rather relax and get high with my friends
Today I’m lazy but I’ll be fine
The life I’m chasing will be all mine
I’ll tell you something tell you
Track Name: Nowhere
Where were you when I was lonely
Strung out without company
Were you just a dirty dream
You say I’m ugly, maybe homely
But labels often do mislead
These are words I like to heed
I’m going nowhere with you
Stuck here going nowhere
I’m going nowhere it’s true
Stuck here going nowhere with you
I though I saw the light this morning
Watched it turn from green to red
When you kicked me out of bed
I spent my life wishing I had love
A heavy price for feeling bad
Be careful what you wish you had
A passing fad, a faded fashion
Seems your eyes have lost their gleam
Guess you’re bored of you and me
I used to have that left out feeling
Like no one else could feel this way
Then I heard somebody say
Track Name: Loner Anthem
My name’s Leeroy check out my tatoo
got it back when I was eighteen
It reminds me of how time’s flying
life goes quicker than a daydream

Graduated all my friends faded
so I moved out east to find a new scene
ten years later I’m still a stranger
in the heard on New York city

I’m not above drinking alone
got no one at home
But if I get lonely there’s this girl that I know
but I’m not above drinking alone

It’s my birthday such a special day
got a phone call from my brother
He’s in prison says he misses me
in his voice I hear my mother

From his new cage he reads a whole page
from the bible that he keeps by his bed
I just listen as I now christen
this occasion with a cold one

Maybe I can find someone to save me
from this lonely life I know I’ve tried
but I can’t get it right

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